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Gorgeous Becky {London Maternity Photography}

I truly looked forward to share my most recent maternity shoot with you. This shoot was one of those rare maternity shoots that contained all the elements to make it a fabulous day…

Rebecca was 33 weeks pregnant by the time we had the shoot – which is the perfect time to have a maternity photo shoot done. The main reason for this is that most bellies are well developed by the 33-36 week stage and the mom-to-be is still comfortable enough to do most of the maternity poses and positions.

Rebecca is a seasoned model, and ex-ballerina, which was the perfect combination to have some gorgeous shapes for my backlit shots. She was willing to try anything, which I truly appreciated and she was simply a joy to work with.

Thanks again Rebecca, you looked fabulous!

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Baby love {London Newborn Photography}

A newborn baby is magical. You analyse each finger, toe, their tiny features…a perfect combination of two gene pools. As yet, untouched by the world and it’s ways. They carry no judgement, no emotions….simply pure human needs. You want to love and protect them. I wish I could photograph them every day!

I prefer on-location shoots at a newborn baby’s home as babies are happy and content in their home environment. It offers me a unique chance to incorporate some of the family’s personality into the shots by featuring family furniture and personal items. All photos will also end up working perfectly as part of the family decor afterwards!

Newborn baby Zara was calm and content during our shoot at her house in Wimbledon, sleeping happily all the way through. Her parents are both well travelled and I simply had to incorporate this in our shoot with some props they collected on their travels to Africa.

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Autumn family session {Surrey Lifestyle Photography}

Igma contacted me to book a lifestyle photography shoot and I instantly felt a connection with her. Igma and Truter are both originally from Namibia and South Africa and met each other whilst still in school. Igma did not like Truter at first – he was way too naughty! He eventually won her heart with his charm and they both decided to come over to the UK. Just over 3 months ago they welcomed gorgeous baby Luca to the family.

I arrived in leafy Surrey early one Saturday morning for our on-location session and was welcomed by a hot cup of coffee by Igma and her lovely sister-in-law. Their lovely family kitchen immediately struck me as the perfect photo set and I loved incorporating this on the day. Baby Luca patiently played model and allowed me to prop him for a few fun baby photos. I loved that Igma and Truter went along with all my crazy ideas…thanks guys! View the slideshow and some of my favourite images below…

Meet baby Luca and his loooong lashes:)

How stunning is Igma’s ring?

Love the autumn colours…

Their kitchen…gorgeous and sunny…

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A photographer meetup in London Bridge

My life has been going a million miles a minute the past year since I decided to make photography my full time job -yet it has been amazing and I have learnt so much. It is also a very interesting and different world to the corporate world. One of these differences is this: photographers like to meet, teach and learn from other photographers. It sounds crazy that people you are technically competing against could also be your friends, teachers, partners or simply a shoulder to lean on…but believe me they can. I love that. For any photographer considering if they should go on a course or photography meetup – just do it! Looking back on 2010, it has been an invaluable part of my journey as photographer…

Recently, fellow photographer Alex Beadon decided to arrange a photographer meetup in London Bridge. We all knew each other some way or another in-person, through Twitter, Facebook or the Photography Parlour. I loved the idea to have a chat with everyone over a meal or drink and exchange some images afterwards and could not wait to go. Here are a few select images from the day…

The lady herself, Alex Beadon

The lovely Shirley Gilks from Map My Soul Photography

I only met her briefly, but loved meeting Marie Man

My good friend Anneli Marinovich

This lady looks familiar…

…it’s Juliet McKee from Sugar and Spice Photography

I had a lot of fun with Mark Osborne and he willingly played model for me…

The lovely Dominique Bader

I did not get to photograph a few other members on the day…but hopefully next time!


Alex - November 1, 2010 - 8:54 pm

Lovely photos, Eddette! Loving them.

Purple Apple Studios - November 1, 2010 - 9:04 pm

Thank you Alex – let’s do it again soon :)

Anneli - November 1, 2010 - 10:05 pm

Love these shots and the new site is FABULOUS! ;-)

Purple Apple Studios - November 2, 2010 - 8:55 am

Aaaw, thanks for your never ending support Anneli!

Ruan - November 4, 2010 - 7:46 am

Let me know when the next one is and I’ll try and come with!

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Bridal shoot in Canary Wharf {Canary Wharf Wedding Photography}

I have been fortunate to have met and worked with a few amazing and talented beauty and fashion photographers this past year and have always been inspired by this photography genre. I love the shapes and lines in fashion photography and hope to incorporate this more in my wedding shoots in future. For this reason, I have also been itching to arrange a fashion/bridal shoot and work with some industry professionals…

A month ago, this finally materialised with the help of a few generous and talented people. I wanted to try an urban bridal theme, and as I live in Canary Wharf, wanted to incorporate this lovely area in the shoot. A huge thank you to my friend, Anneli Marinovich, who acted as my photography sidekick and Lara Rorich for the amazing make-up, hair and styling. I also loved working with our 3 fabulous models, Mikel Alvarez-Hernandez, Ali Rhodes and Henrietta Lily Moore. I loved this shoot, and hope to arrange another one soon.

Here are some of my shots taken on the day:

Suppliers and references:

Venue: Pepper Saint Ontiod Pub
Florist: Docklands Flower Shop
MUA, hair & styling: Lara Rorich

Dasha - October 29, 2010 - 10:53 pm

Ooooo, love these! Well done! Love the styling :-)

Purple Apple Studios - October 31, 2010 - 11:40 pm

Thanks Dasha, I loved the day – everyone was great to work with :)

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A family shoot in Greenwich park {London Family Photography}

I love doing location shoots in any of the London parks, especially when they are located near me:)When Anneke contacted me to book her family photo session and suggested my local park, Greenwich Park, I knew the session would be great.

We arranged the session for a Saturday, but had to reschedule due to the rainy weather which made any park shots with babies impossible. Fortunately we could reschedule for the following week. I was also very grateful to (yet again) have the help from my fabulous assistant, Deovonne, on the day. She is pregnant, and this was one of the last shoots she will assist me with for a while:)

I love it when my clients have fun and are relaxed on a shoot. The Venter family did just that and their images look as natural and fun as they were on the day.

Thank you for a lovely morning – I hope you enjoy your sneak peak…

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Gorgeous newborn boy joy {London Newborn Photography}

I was absolutely ecstatic when Paula asked me to photograph her newborn baby boy. I simply love photographing newborns – I feel blessed to capture this time for parents as it goes by so quickly:)

Baby K was born prematurely, which meant he was tiny and still very sleepy…although he was already almost 4 weeks old by the time we had our session. He patiently allowed us to pose and play with him during the session without making a sound….the perfect newborn model! I was extremely happy with the day as I also got to use my new baby props – a baby hammock and pod directly from the USA. I also used my brand new baby wine crate! I love baby props…super cute!

Thank you again Paula and I hope you enjoy your sneak peak…

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